Tips: Watch Sky Adventure Movies to Get Motivated about Sky Adventures

Sky AdventureSky Adventure is a great adventure and here at Croog we take care all of your safety and other things to make your sky adventure journey full of adventure. The green nature of this location works like icing on the cake which makes your journey awesome. Generally at Croog Sky Adventure we post about some basics about our adventure camp. But from now we will also share some tips and news about sky adventures to keep you motivated and updated with the things that are happening around the world.

The first article is all about how you keep yourself motivated towards skydiving by watching some sky adventure movies. I hope you will enjoy this.

I read it somewhere that movies are works like a medicine which helps you to throughout all your tensions. There are hundred types of movies, but I like the one which teaches us something good. Thus, I always prefer to watch motivational movies to keep myself motivated by the things that I am going to do.

For sky adventure we generally take care of all your safety, but most of the time everything depends on the people who are in the sky doing sky adventures. So, if you want to keep yourself motivated towards sky adventures, then I would suggest you to watch some crazy sky adventure movies or documentaries.

For movies you can always take help of the internet to find an ideal sky adventure movie according to your needs. With the internet you can either download your favorite movies or watch online with online movie sites.

There is something you may need to prepare before watching any movies online or offline. I found a site while searching the internet where it is clearly described the things you need to prepare before going for online movies. I would suggest you to read that from here- Free online movie streaming sites without downloading

If you wonder what are some best sky adventure movies, then don’t worry. I made a research and found some best sky adventure movies which are listed below.

  1. Gypsy Moths: A movie based on sky adventure was released in 1969. This movie supplies a big chunk motivation and craziness towards sky adventure.
  2. Point Break: This movie also based on the character who wishes to live life to the fullest and he did all the crazy activity including sky diving.
  3. Drop Zone: The name says everything. This movie is all about sky adventures.
  4. Cutaway: This is an action movie, which was released in 2000. Here an undercover cop trying to stop drug dealing, with learning skydiving.

There are lots of movies that you could watch to get a big chunk motivation for sky adventures.

I am sure, after watching these movies, you will get inspired to do sky adventure. We are here at CroogSkyAdventure assuring you the best sky adventure experience ever. If you have any kind of queries or want to book a seat here at CroogSkyAdventure then use the contact form to contact us.

Top Ten Beaches in Goa

Imagine enjoying  an engaging hour of quality parasailing across the serene locales of  Nainital. Famous as the Lake District of the India, this particular  destination ranks amongst the most sought-after destinations of paragliding.  But, for ensuring a safe and sound paragliding in nainital, you must be on  the lookout for leading tour operators.

Holiday in Goa can help you de-stress the body and mind and can help you with a jump start for any new beginning. Get from the monotony of the regular life and revel in a vacation that can take you from the humdrum of the chaotic life. The beaches of Goa would be the prime attractions for each tourist. There are wide quantity of beaches that you could visit and add memorable moments for your tour. Few famous beaches that you ought to not lose out are South Goa – Agonda Beach, Arossim Beach, Benaulim Beach, Betalbatim Beach, Betul Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Canaguinim Beach, Cavelossim Beach, Cola Beach, Colva Beach, Consaulim Beach, Galjibaga Beach, Majorda Beach, Palolem Beach, Patnem-Colomb Beach, Rajbaga Beach, Utorda Beach, Varca Beach and Velsao Beach. The beaches in North Goa are – Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Ashwem Beach, Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Keri Beach, Mandrem Beach, Miramar Beach, Morjim Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Siridao Beach, Vagator Beach and Vainguinim Beach.



Thomas Evers was injured once the paraglider crashed after he became popular from Sullivan Park on Highbanks Road around 7:30PM. Evers crashed in to the woods all around the park and injured his leg and abdomen, but could go out and meet cops who arrived following a 911 call reported the accident.

Watch SkyDivig Movies for free

At the Point from the Mountain Flight Park in Draper, Utah, paragliders and hang up gliders possess the best condtions for flying “foot-launched” aircraft in the united states. Point from the Mountain is jointly managed by Utah Parks and Recreation and also the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, and it is regarded as one from the premier spots in United States for understanding how to fly. Point from the Mountain is really a finger from the larger Traverse Mountain, a ridge jutting outward in the Wasatch Mountains and stretching westward to the valley floor. The site is prized by paragliders and hang up gliders because of its unique, consistent wind conditions. The ridge is special among gliding sites since it offers smooth, reliable updrafts (lift) on its south side each morning, after which switches in the middle from the day to supply soarable conditions above its north slope at night. Nowhere else has wind conditions that can compare with it.

With its pleasing beauty and climate, there are lots of popular attractions also located round the city that will make your tour to Shimla more intriguing and worth visit. The Mall may be the important tourist attraction of Shimla. It may be the main shopping street within the city has numerous restaurants, hotels, government buildings and tourists help centers. The Ridge and Scandal Point would be the two important meeting points only at that street. Christ Church, Jakhu Hill, Summer Hill, Tara Devi and Sankat Mochan temples would be the other popular attractions for this beautiful hill town.

Basics to Advance Skydiving Safety Tips

Any form of activity that people do within an environment that people don’t consider our very own is dangerous. Air and water aren’t normal milieus for all of us people. Thus, flying, skydiving, surfing and diving are thought dangerous or extreme sports. This is because of the fact that people have previously adapted to some life on land and trying to conquer a global that isn’t natural to us isn’t easy nor will it come without trade-offs. Without the necessary instruments and appropriate gear, we’d not be in a position to explore these worlds.  Watch sky adventure movies for skydiving

The sport of skydiving has continued to enhance its safety record each year. Skydiving accidents are generally caused not by random equipment failure but largely by human errors in judgement and mistakes in procedure. While skydiving poses a really real injury risk as well as fatalities, people who undergo good training, keeping their understanding of the activity up-to-date and who know their very own limits are unlikely to suffer any injuries or perhaps be involved with moving accidents while skydiving. There will always be a component of risk and danger but this really is something to become weighed from the enjoyment that lots of people get from the activity. Most skydiving centres will need participants to sign a risk agreement that’s legally binding to exhibit the jumper is prepared to willingly undertake a component of risk. If you are completely risk-adverse, this really is not the activity for you personally.

Skydiving Safety

There are some misconceptions relating to this sport. Most people think that skydiving may be the exclusive whole world of the rich. It is only partially true. The skydiving gear and equipment are costly no doubt about it, but you will find organizations that conduct skydiving events for charity. These events are usually free. An interested person can take part in these events without spending anything. Another option is to locate sponsors who’re prepared to provide finance for the skydiving venture for charity.

Another skydiving proven fact that wipes out a well known myth is the fact that an individual need not be completely healthy in most aspects to sign up inside a skydiving event. It is a well known belief that individuals who’re affected with certain diseases like epilepsy cannot take part in skydiving. One needs to obtain a fitness certificate issued by a physician. One is prone to obtain a fitness certificate even when the first is affected having a mild type of an illness like epilepsy.

Click2Houston adds today the quick-thinking 21-year-old instead maneuvered the plane broken by an unknowing skydiver right into a seemingly unpopular section of farmland. As the aircraft fell, Kinmartin jumped at roughly 2,000 feet up up for his life, pulling a parachute pack he kept with him all the time in the event of emergencies.


coffeeplantIs Coorg safe?

Coorg is likely as safe as your home country.

Are ultralight aircraft safe?

All aircraft including ultralights are perfectly safe as long as the machine is in airworthy condition, and its pilot is experienced and exercising good judgement.

What about your pilots?

The pilot has hundreds of hours experience of  flying ultralights

Do you wear parachutes?

No. There is no need.

What if the engine quits?

In the extremely remote event of an engine failure, the aircraft is perfectly capable of a controlled landing without it. Experienced pilots regularly shut it off mid flight and glide in on purpose!

I’m big, can I fly too?

Generally, if you can fit in the seat, you can fly. We have had passengers who weighed as much as 100 kg and flew without incident.

What about kids?

As long as they are big enough so they cant slip out of the safety harness, they can fly.

Tours & Flights

BrahmagiriThe flights range from economical short introductory flights to much longer daylong flights. View the majestic brahmagiri range from the air and in a few minutes track the path of the river Cauvery. Fly over plantation hils to view the paddy valleys beyond. Take off from from a paddy field to have a “darshan” of talakavery while performing an aerial “pradakshina” the possibilities of our introductory flights are endless.

To make the experience of flying more affordable we have introductory flights starting at Rs 2500. For those who would like to fly cross country the prices start from Rs 8000 per hour or part thereof.  Group bookings are possible. Preffered routes can be planned in advance for those who are particularly keen on seeing the beauty of Coorg from up above.


coffeeplantEquipment Widely considered to be purely recreational, ultralights or microlights have been gaining popularity in working roles. With an endurance of nearly 4 hours, a range of over 350 km, and able to lift payloads of 250 kg from 180 meter fields, their capabilities are well suited to places with limited infrastructure such as the Coorg countryside. The powered hang glider or ultralight trike as it is more commonly known seats 2 people including the pilot and is capable of cruise flight at 100 km/hr at altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet. The mostly imported machine is maintained strictly with manufacturers original parts, recommended fuels and fluids and guidelines. The power comes from the state of the art Japanese HKS four stroke aero engine while thrust is delivered by the Aeroflux kiev Carbon fibre propeller ( yes the carbon fibre used in formula one cars). The wing is a high speed Astra double surface with kevlar leading edges. While the trike is the sturdy Cruiser unit from albatross flying systems. Equiped with state of the art electronic instrumentation and GPS this aircraft is the safest form of sport aviation.

coffeeplantWeaving through hills and valleys, coffee plantations and paddy fields, brooks and rivers, forests and grasslands; that is the magic of ultralight flying over coorg. Imagine a fast motorcycle, the freedom to ride, wind in your face, the rush of speed, the thrill of danger, the howl of a performance motor, the spectacular view of mother earth from 5000 ft. As you pass cloud base and experience the no man’s land between heaven and earth and spiral dive losing 3000 ft in an matter of seconds your ride with coorg sky adventures will bring you an experience to cherish for a life time. Hobby photographers will be on cloud nine (or ten for that matter) with an eagle’s perspective of the stunning countryside. Come fly with us and truly understand Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous saying : ” He who has experienced flight will forever walk with his eyes turn sky ward. For there he has been and there he longs to return”